Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

Parents are welcome to visit and observe their children at any time.  We ask that when you decide to observe any MAR classes, please call and make an appointment first.  When you arrive, come to the office and check-in with us.  You will receive a visitor’s badge and a clipboard with observation guidelines. 

It is important that the children are able to remain focused on their work so we ask all visitors to speak in a soft whisper if communication is necessary & to write down any questions to be answered once they have stepped outside the classroom. Activity level of   the classroom as a whole may appear busy, but each individual child is actually focused and working.

Family participation is highly encouraged at our school. We have a minimum 25 hour volunteer requirement. This is to invite parents to be involved in their children’s education.  There are many ways to be involved… driving on field trips, helping teachers to prepare materials, helping with our fund raising events, helping maintain our school grounds, donate useful or beautiful items, sit and listen to students read and helping in the office.   

We invite parents, relatives, and friends to be involved in our activities and events, as the students enjoy the interaction and even thrive from your’ involvement.  Please feel free to discuss any ideas or questions you have with us.

Information Meetings
Parent Education Nights will be held regularly during the year. These meeting acquaint parents and guardians with a greater understanding of Montessori philosophy and knowledge of the curriculum.

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Two Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled each school year, one in the fall and one in the spring. During these conferences, you will receive an academic and social progress report. We encourage open communication between teachers and parents throughout the year. If you have a concern or just wish to discuss something with a teacher, please call the office to set up an appointment.