Elementary II

Elementary   II

The Elementary II Program, for ages 9 to 12 years of age (grades 4-6), allows the child to focus upon ordering their mind and become familiar with abstract academic concepts.

A myriad of opportunities are provided so that there is no limit to academic or developmental achievement. The students look forward to working independently and relying on their own time management skills to accomplish daily work, homework, and projects. But they still need their teacher to guide them as they move from concrete to abstract thinking. The Montessori materials so prevalent in the Elementary 1 program gradually disappear as students advance to more sophisticated learning. Children make interdisciplinary connections, develop investigative and creative writing skills, and expand their math skills.

While continuing to foster independence and individual responsibility, teachers guide the students through a balanced academic curriculum including Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Geography, Physical Education, History, Music, Foreign Language, Computers, and Art.

One day a week is dedicated to Experiential Learning. Students learn by experiencing our community through educational field trips and performing service projects.

Our Elementary 2 students have the opportunity to participate in frequent field trips.  As well as, each year participating in a 4-5 day class trip to either The Teton Science Camp or Catalina Island.