Elementary I

Elementary  I

Our Elementary I Program, for ages 6 to 9 years of age (grades 1-3), offers respect for the individual in a classroom designed to meet the needs of children from the ages of six through nine. It covers the traditional grades of first through third in a multi-sensory, multi-aged classroom.

As in the Early Childhood program, elementary children are encouraged to share and celebrate accomplishments with one another and to work together to resolve problems. At the same time, they are given absorbing tasks and an opportunity to work independently. In this way they learn to celebrate their individuality while developing an understanding and respect for the other members of their classroom community. Using materials from the concrete to the abstract, children explore a diverse curriculum barely limited by their imagination. The teacher guides, focuses and directs the inquiry as each child develops individually.

Although students work at their own pace, they still participate in a very academic environment with high standards and expectations. Morning curriculum involves Math, Language, Reading, and Geography. Afternoon class involves the Arts, Music, Sciences, Practical Life, and Healthy Lifestyles.

Cooperation and respect for others is fostered through role-playing and group discussions.