Montessori at Riverton Education Center

Montessori at Riverton Education Center came into being in 1998 when Valerie Trapier-Whitehead and Jeffrey Whitehead formed a partnership and opened the Montessori at Riverton School in the old Riverton Elementary building on Redwood Road.  In the summer of 2004, due to the remodeling of the Riverton Civic Center, the school was moved to portables in preparation for a move to the location at 12765 S. 1400 W. In the summer or 2012 we moved to our current location at 11930 S. Redwood Rd. We have two campuses, the Toddler and Early Childhood Campus and the Elementary & Middle School Campus. We love the warm feel and the layout of our campuses.

We have a student body of well over 100 children. Children have every opportunity to reach their fullest potential in our schools.  As our graduates extend their experiences to other educational environments, they take with them the love of peace, self-direction and thirst for learning that they gained at Montessori at Riverton School.

Valerie WhiteheadFounder, Teacher Education Instructor, Elementary 2 Head Teacher

Ms. Valerie hails from a ranch in Montana and attended BYU, Idaho. She has Montessori teacher certification for children, ages 3 to 12 and has taught since 1982. She is currently the President for the Utah Montessori Council and is a presenter at Montessori conventions. She taught at the Children’s House in St. George from 1982-1989 and then went on to co-found the Montessori Children’s Club in Taylorsville. In 1999, she founded Montessori at Riverton. She serves on the board for  Private School coalition and Vouchers for Choice. Ms. Valerie enjoys skiing, cooking, spending time with her children and grandchildren, and visiting Montana.

Jeffrey Whitehead Co-founder, Director, Middle School Teacher
Mr. Jeff holds a bachelors degree in Physical Education, Theatre Education and Secondary Education from B.Y.U. He continued his graduate studies in Educational Psychology and Secondary Education at Southern Utah University. He has a Montessori teacher training for ages 6-9 and is currently completing the teacher certificate requirements for ages 9-12.  Mr. Jeff is the head teacher in the Middle School Program and loves to present workshops on the “Montessori Adolescent.”  He is the co-founder of Montessori at Riverton School, working in administration and teaching Middle School. He enjoys golf, travel and cooking. He is married to Valerie Whitehead, has 10 children, and 6 grandchildren.


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